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louis vuitton bags outlet Are You Living The Fearless Life When people think about being fearless it usually conjures up images of mountain climbers on Everest, skydivers jumping out of airplanes, and race car drivers on the Nascar circuit. Most people think I could never do that. The truth of the matter is this. Every person who ever scaled Everest, jumped out of an airplane or raced around a track at 200 miles an hour was scared to death! They were putting their lives on the line and there was no guarantee that they would return alive. The difference between them and us is simple. They faced the fear and didn t allow it to overwhelm their need for adventure, their need to go beyond their usual comfort zone. In my role as coach to midlife women, I am constantly surprised at how many women undervalue the amount of courage it takes to live. One of my clients had a child was very ill, she nursed him through the worst part of it, and continued to do her job where the expectation was that no matter what, she had to be in on time and do her work. She did it because they needed the money to pay the medical bills.

cheap louis vuitton outlet She felt there was no choice. When told how courageous it was of her to do this, she looked at me blankly and said what else could I do How many women take their heroic journeys and say what else could I do Or, Who else was going to do it As women, we underplay our strengths and shrug it off as a trade-off. For what We carry the load. Men may feel they are out there creating the wealth, but today that s no longer the truth. More women than ever are in the workforce AND still doing all the other stuff they did before. Who has the harder job In my opinion there is no contest. Women have expectations about doing it all. We work, we take care of the children, we cook, we clean and we run all the errands. When the kids are sick, or our husband is having problems at work, we nurture them and we continue to run until we run on empty. We get tired, depressed, anxious and angry. And we wonder why it has to be that way. Along the way, we lost the passion for living. When we were little girls we dreamed about what we would be when we were growing up.

louis vuitton handbags on sale We played at being teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers and mommies. We travelled the globe on our wall maps and listened to the music and thought about becoming a rock star. We pushed away the doubts and went to college sure that we could do anything, and then the dream started to fizzle. We did well in school, or didn t, we found work that satisfied, or didn t, and we married happily, or didn t. And bit by bit, the dream that said you could do anything was gradually taken over by necessities. Money to pay the rent, children who needed special care, husbands who were never home because their job took them away for days on end. We found ourselves taking care of the daily grind and gradually, ever so gradually, the desire and passion for something different, for something more, dwindled to a whisper. We are happy when we are with our family. Our children give us enormous pleasure (and pain); and our relationships over the years have deepened into friendships that are the backbone of our existence. But something is missing and we can t quite put our finger on it.